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Products: Process Electric Heaters
Process Systems
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Gaumer has designed many different types of process heating systems. A "system" can be as simple as a circulation heater and its control panel mounted on a skid to allow quick and easy hookup for operation. Gaumer can provide you with a completely wired heater and control panel delivered to your site so that all you need to do is bring in the power. The most common process heating system is the Hot Oil System. This is a system consisting of skid mounted heaters, pumps, valves, expansion tanks, and piping. The system is designed to be delivered to the customer site, connected to the customer equipment and energized. Typical uses include to heat rolls, dies, and platens in the Plastics industry and to heat jacketed reactors in the Chemical industry. Gaumer has standard lines of hot oil systems including our compact hot oil systems for small applications, our GHOS Hot Oil Systems with positive displacement pumps for low flows, and our GLOS Hot Oil Systems with centrifugal pumps for higher flows. Gaumer also maintains some select sizes of hot oil systems for rental purposes. This allows our customers to experiment with equipment requiring heat to see if a process will work while not having to commit to the major expenditure. A strong engineering staff allows Gaumer to design and manufacture many custom systems. Some typical examples include an automated gas tank hot water wash system, a transmission fluid heating system which reduces time for testing transmissions, and an automated air heating system used in environmental service.
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